2018 3Set Pad Abdominal Exerciser Muscle Training Fitness Gear Fitpad Gel Pad M14

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3Set Pad Abdominal Exerciser Muscle Training Fitness Gear Fitpad Gel Pad


  • Achieve your ideal figure anytime and anywhere. Just attach it to your body one time per day, easily achieve your exercise target by using daily time, convenient and practical.

  • Adopting EMS technology: EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulator), which builds muscle and relaxs stiff muscle through the skin, it is recognized as a clinically proven effective, Non-medication method of training muscle

  • Small body can cover the body 98 percent fat accumulation

  • Suitable for waist, belly, arms, back, buttocks

  • One key operation

  • Press one key to star your exercise, easy to operate

  • Intensity adjustment

  • Soft siliconAnd thin like another piece of skin, it has to allow softness to fit the body of the line.

  • And high conductivity gel sheet

  • Mounting sheet excellent in adhesiveness without sticky. It will convey the electricity to uniformly body.

  • Net WT: 8g / 1 set (There are two pieces in a set)

  • And paste the gel sheet to the electrode portion, and worn on the body.+ Long-press of the button, training start. After the training ends, it returns to the mount.

Package Content:

  • 3 Set Gel patch (There are two pieces in a set)


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