40″ Height with 48 Led Electric Type Chinese Lantern Branch Lights, 3 color to coice, Living Room Decoration,

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Products Description:
Chinese Lantern LED Lights. These lights are easily incorporated in live floral arrangements or make a beautiful statement when displayed alone. The warm and inviting atmosphere created is sure to leave an everlasting impression. These high-profit, innovative design products make unique and eye-catching additions to any retail environment or special event location. Hand-made and includes 30 LED Warm White Color,decorative lights that are individually soldered and rated for 100,000 hours. Choose from orange,Claret Red, or red fabric flowers. Flowers attached to a brown stem.
Materials: LED Lights, Synthetic Polyester, Metal Wire, and Floral Tape Dimensions: 3″L x 4″W x 40″H;

Details Information of the Produts :

Item Number : OS-48NL-T
Lantern & LED Qty: 48 PCs
Height : 100cm ( 40″ )
Package Box: 101* 10* 8 cm

Lead Wire :3m lead wire with a DC male plug, you can connect it to the timmer battery box

also can connect it to the Adaptor, also can light it up by a solar panel.

3 Sub-Branches, 1′ distance between

Adaptor : 3V DC Adaptor

Carton Qty : 12 PCs

3 Color Chinese Lantern for you to choice : Claret, Amber, Dark Red.

Attention: For 1 PC Buying order, because the height of 40″ is exceed the Chinese Post Air Mail Parcel limited , we will have to bend the bottom steam back when package, and it’s simple and easy for you just bend it back when you receive. Witch will not effect either production’s function or the looking.

Color 1- Amber ( Orange )

Color 2- Claret Red

Color 3- Red Amber

The Branch Tree Light Size and LED Quantity can be adjust according to client’s own demand,

The LED Color – Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Ice White, Warm White, Blue; Pink; Purple ..

The Power supply can be 3V with battery box; normaly we use3xAA Battery Box,
For Transformer type : 3V,12V, 24V with DC plug for your to choice,
also can be Solaor Panel power kits as the power source…

Clients who may oder more than 500 PCs, please contact us directly for a better price.

Orient-Star’s Tree Light and Flower Light are good idea for decoration, it is made of Light String decoration with blossom flower or leaf be assemble and install on a special design made metal tree frame,then a nice looking, evergreen or ever blossom flower will be created.

During the day time, it just like a real nature tree or flower, when night come and light up the tree or flower, wow, the magic lighting effect can really take you into a fairy tory …