Augienb 480ml Titanium Electrolysis Oxygen Hydrogen-Rich Water Ionizer Maker Generator Cloud Cup Anti-Aging Water Bottle

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AUGIENB Portable Hydrogen-Rich Water Ionizer Maker Generator Cloud Cup 1300mAh 480ml Titanium Electrolysis Oxygen


-High and Hydrogen Water Ionizer: It uses Titanium with platinum coating, remove impurities, reduces the water molecular size which allows it to be more easily absorb by your body and also contains minerals. Only 1/3 minutes can produce a cup of hydrogen rich water which can be directly drunk.Portable hydrogen rich water ionizer provides more healthy water for you.

-Safe Food-Grade PC Material: High borosilicate glass cup body,304 stainless steel cap,PC material is non-toxic and durable. Easy to clean, effective to reduce bacterial growth.Good for your health Hydrogen-rich water is a safe and natural energy drink that has anti-aging effect.

-1/3 Min Electrolysis :Two electrolysis mode【1min (rapid speed) / 3min (slow speed】, sensitive touch buttons, easy to operate. Only 1/3 minutes can produce a cup of hydrogen rich water which can be directly drunk. IC smart chip accurately calculates electrolysis time based on water quality sensor detection data.

-Detachable and Delicate Design : The portable bottle can be detachable to three parts, lid, bottle and base. Easy to clean and effective to reduce bacterial durable.Small size with 480ml capacity is convenient to take it anywhere. Just put it into your knapsack or luggage box. Stay healthy and beautiful every moment.

-Large-capacity Battery: The built-in 1300mAh lithium battery is rechargeable. USB interface design,convenient to charge ;2 Colorful lights indicate the working process and it will go out when electrolytic process finished.Charging is complete no more than 4 hours.

Advantages of hydrogen-rich cup:

1.Hydrogen-rich water is called water of life; drinking more hydrogen-rich water is good for anti-aging. It also can be used for washing face, easy absorbed to maintain the skin.

2.Hydrogen-rich water is beneficial to adjust intestines and stomach, can promote blood circulation and metabolism, and also maintain a balanced endocrine.

3.Hydrogen-rich water is good for improving function cell repair and regeneration.

4.Hydrogen-rich water is beneficial to reduce blood viscosity, improve microcirculation, and increase the elasticity of blood vessels.

5.Hydrogen-rich water is beneficial to improve the water quality, also kill the bacteria content in the water, sterilization effect is obvious.

6.Hydrogen cup makes water molecules smaller, can quickly reach the skin cells around, have moisturizing effects. It also can improve water pollution and heavy metal


Electrode material: Titanium with platinum coating

Material: Borosilicate glass + 304 stainless steel + food grade PC

Redox units: Max: -650mv (depending on the water quality may be)

Battery type:Lithium polymer battery

Battery capacity: 5V / 1300mAh

Operating hours: 1 minutes(rapid speed) / 3 minutes(slow speed)

Charging time: About 4 hours

Capacity: 480ml

Weight: 700g

Product Size: diameter φ70; height 229

Number of work

According to different water quality, electrolysis time is different, after electrolysis

With the all new water bottle you can create a significant antioxidant rich solution capable of defending your body as only antioxidants can while dramatically increasing your body’s hydration levels!

Studies have been shown that increasing the number of antioxidants can improve the overall body ability to heal.

AUGIENB hydrogen bottle seamlessly delivers an increased amount of benefits instantaneously into your body without unwanted additives.

Package Includeds:

1 Piece Hydrogen-rich cups

1 Piece USB Charging Cable

1 Piece Instructions