Broadlink Wifi Smart Plug SP3S Power Meter Monitor 16A Timer Socket Outlet Remote Wireless Control Support Alexa Google home

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Broadlink Wifi Smart Plug SP3S Power Meter Monitor 16A Timer Socket Outlet Remote Wireless Control Support Alexa Google home

SP3S and SP3 support Alexa Google home echo.

Broadlink SP3S plug with power meter, but SP3 without. SP2 without.

Monitor and control on the go!

The BroadLink Smart Plug allows you to do many things at the same time. You can monitor the usage of your appliaces and it tells you how much it cost to run them. It will provide you with instant as well as historical data through a Free App that is includes a very friendly user interface. With BroadLink Smart plug you will also be able to switch appliacens remotely using your App but most importantly it will allow you to program your appliances so that you don´t need to be there in the first place. It includes a lot more features but one of teh unique features is that it will eliminate the stand-by power of your appliances, saving you money.

Key Features

– Appliance Control: Switch appliances on or off remotely from your smartphone – Group appliances: You can group appliances so that you can control all of them at the same time – Energy Monitoring: Real time and historical consumption information in Watts and cost unit – Schedule timers: Set timers for automatic switching of devices – Standby Elimination: Set the socket to turn off when left on standby for too long Max current: Max 16A Max power: 3600W(Resistive load) Support mini night light,standby for you at night SP3S Monitor and save your energy. 1% energy measurement accuracy know your electricity expense automatically and save your energy. Power supply: AC110-240V AC 50/60Hz support:Android 4.0/ Iso 6.0 and above Wireless frequency: wifi 802.11b/g/b (2.4Ghz) Wireless IEEE standards: IEEE802.11b/g/n Security type: WEP/TKIP/ AES Security mechanism: WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK Wireless consuming: ≤1.1W Working temperature: -20-70C Working humidity: ≤80% Case material: V0 classes fire resistant PC Product size: approx. 94 x 50mm x 81.6mm


-The SP3s and SP3 has the same appearance.

-SP3s has power meter function , SP3 has no power meter function .

-SP3s and SP3 has the almost same package outter package. Broadlink print “Sp3” in the SP3s package .

When you order SP3S, you get SP3S, not sp3, just package have sp3 on it. SP3S is updated of SP3, which add power meter function, other no difference.

Only 5 Seconds, Common Appliances Become Smart

Remote control | Multiple Groups of Timers | Charging Protection | IFTTT-Style Interaction Monitor and save your energy 1% energy measurement accuracy know your electricity expense automatically and save your energy SMART PLUG WITH POWER METER Accuracy> Electricity consumed could be accurate to one percent, more accurate than the common household electricity meters (Two percent) Power Saving> Remotely cutting off home appliances’ power when don’t use them, save more electricity

App with user-friendly interface

Set scheduled timer | Morning tea

Control Your Appliances from Anywhere! Work with Alexa!

Wi-Fi BroadLink SP3S Smart Plug Works with Echo. When paired with Alexa, Smart Plug gives you hands-free voice control over your devices turn your lights on/off or an entire room on/off via a voice command, which is a easy-to-use and compact device that allows you to monitor and control your home’s electronic devices from anywhere. Use the free app on your phone or tablet to control home appliances, create on/off schedules for each device any day of the week, or customize it by a specific time on a day and enable push alert notifications when a device has been turned on/off. The app on your phone will allow you to switch your device on or off remotely and change your schedules, so you don’t have to worry about leaving devices on while you do not appear at the scene. Also When you use ‘Away Mode’, Smart plug will turn plugged-in lights on and off randomly to create the illusion that you’re home even when you’re out。

Smaller, but Smarter!

→ Try to use it to control the light and oxygen pump for your tropical fish.

​→ What about using it to turn on the light timely to wake you up in the morning?

​→ Never worry about overcharge your appliance.

​→ Someone told me that want to use it to control the pool filter, great idea!

​→ Try to use it together with other BroadLink item, link your appliances.

​→ Use the night light for small things, never drive drowsiness away.

Save Energy, Never leave your appliance idle

Did you ever leave the house and forget to turn off the air conditioning or the light? Or have you ever fallen asleep forgetting to turn off the TV?

With Broadlinbk SP3, you can remote control your home electronics through internet at anytime and anywhere, no longer need to worry about you forget to switch off something before leaving the house since you can always turn it off after you leave the house.

Or schedule the wifi smart socket to automatically power electronics on and off based on specific time you set; prevent overcharging and overheating, power saving eliminate wasteful standby power and save on your electric bills. No longer need to worry about forget to turn off light.

Q1. Does it need to work with a specific gateway/controller?

No. BroadLink products will link to your home Wi-Fi router to work – Users do not need to purchase a specific gateway.

Q2. How to download the e-Control APP?

1-Search “e-Control” on APP Store or Google Play, download and install the e-Control app. or 2-Scan QR code from package box / user guide or visit to download and install the app.

Q3. How to protect my device and avoid being searched by others?

Only the person who knows your Wi-Fi password and connect to the same Wi-Fi is able to search the device. You can lock an

enhanced security in e-Control APP.

Q4. Can I control BroadLink devices when I am away from home?

Yes. You can control the devices from anywhere at any time from your phone via Internet.

Q5. Will the device settings lost when my phone has no network connection or it is powered off?

No. Once the settings are done, the devices can work independently without the APP running on phone.