Delux T9 PLUS Mini Keyboard Professional Mechanical Gaming Keypad Ergonomic Vertical Optical Mouse Computer Mice for Gamer Mou


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Keyboards Feature:
The backlight effect control instructions:
ESC+F1: Purple orchid,ESC+F2: Dark blue,ESC+F3:Azure blue,ESC+F4:Snow white, ESC+F5:Golden orange,ESC+1: Ambilight
ESC+2: Rapid change. ESC+3: Swirling clouds,ESC+4: colorful,ESC+5:Change. ESC+6:User-defined,ESC+W/S: Backlight brightness +/-
ESC+A/D: Backlight conversion speed +/-,ESC+Shift:Off / On Backlight
Personalized backlight settings:
A: single key backlight adjustment:
ESC+6:Keyboard indicator light flashes, Enter the single custom backlight mode, Tap button to cycle through the key backlight color(7 colors adjustable), Double click the space bar or 30 seconds no action save exit, Indicator light back to the normal state.
B. Overall backlight color adjustment (F1~F5 mode):
F1~F5 mode, Press ESC + Ctrl at same time, 3 seconds later, current mode button backlight flashes(If the current mode is F1, the F1 key backlight blinking),now you can adjust the color of the key backlight: Shift+R/G/B, R/G/B increased;
Ctrl+ R/G/B,R/G/B reduction(256 color adjustable), Press ESC + Ctrl save and exit
Other functions:
ESC+~:Off / On both sides of the backlight
ESC+Tab: Forced to return to the factory default mode
ESC+B:W, A, S, D and ↑ ↓ ← → Swap
Mouse Feature:
M618 PLUS Wireless:
DPI:800/1000/1600 (Wireless Mouse)
Color: Color as shown
Material: ABS
Package included:
1 X Mouse
1 X Keyboards
Attention :
1.When you use the mouse please use mouse pad together
Only the above package content, other products are not included.
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