electric curtain, motorized curtain track, smart home used motorized curtain, DOOYA motor Sunflower brand KT52S, free shipping

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All width can be customzied.

Pls order the nearest width.

Do leave us exact width.

​Width is end-to-end width.

Features of motor, KT52S

1. Silent design

2. Elegant operation funtion

3. Electric memory limit funtion

4. Restance and stop funtion

5. Power on and off manual funtion

6. Extrnal strong-current switch funtion

7. Used for smarthome (need your smart switch)

How to connect motor with your wall switch:

1. Volatage for choice: 120V, 230v.

2. Circut installation:

Black = Live 1, Direction 1, to open or close

Brown = Live 2, Direction 2, to close or open

Blue = Neutral,

Green/yellow = Earth

3. How to connect with smart home:

A. Conact your smart home supplier

B. To get the recommended wall switch(combined with receiver) or receiver

C. To connect motor and wall switch

D. Set them with your smart home.

Details of motorized curtain track:

1. Pictures of track:

2. Tracks, Electrophoresis S-tracks, silence and strong

Strong and heavy track, 496g/m

3.Features of motor

4. Motor drive box, the plastic part is used to hide motor

5. Ceiling brackets, wall brackets for choice

6. Luxury lead carrier

7. Strong and silent rollers

8.The motor has no control system.

If you want to control it by wall switch, you need to buy wall switch,

Below is the link of our products.

Pls ignore the freight if you combine to order with our motorized curtain track,

we can remove the switch frieght from your order.

But pls do not pay it before we remove switch freight.

Of course, you can order the wall switch from other shop or at your side.

All would be ok.