INSEESI ZOMEI 128 Portable Photography ring light Bi-color led Light for DSLR Camera for iphone xiaomi Phone Live Video Selfie

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Features: ZM128 is a new portable beautify LED light specially designed for live video and selfie. ZM128 adopts annular appearance design. For positive fill-in light is softer and much uniform, a perfect shot of catch-lights can be achieved. YN128 has three charging methods to meet different requirements in different scenarios: phone charger, portable power bank and computer USB port. With a hose support which can be adjusted to any angles, you can take photos or live video according to practical needs. * Professionally Attracts Fans For live video and selfie, lighting effect is crucial! The lighting effect of ZM128 LED light source is soft and smooth; its TLCI and CRI are beyond 95. Therefore, with ZM128, in the camera the skin is natural white, the facial contour is stereo, and, the video quality and photo quality are exquisite and perfect. * Fill Light Angle-free ZM128 adopts hose support which can be adjusted to any angle. By filling light omni-directionally, you always can find an angle appropriate. * Wide-angle light source ZM128 has 128pcs of SMD LED. The lighting angle is up to 110。 With high CRI, high brightness and low energy consumption, ZM128 provides sufficient and balanced natural light, and brings you shadow-free aperture effect. *Micro USB Port for External Power Supply ZM128 can be charged by phone charger, portable power bank or computer USB3.0 port. *ZM128 can be connected to tripod mount and used on various occasions. By using stable base, you can use it on the desktop or other platform. Specification: Light source: 128pcs of SMD LED Color Temperature:3200K-5500K Lumens Value: 1024LM Color Rendering Index: ≥95RA Output Power: 7.5W Light Angle: 110° External Power Available: Cell Phone Charger, Mobile Power, Computer USB Interface Package Including: 1 x ZM128 LED Ring Light(White) 1 x USB Charging Cable 1 x Support Base 1 x Support bracket 1 x Mobile phone holder 1x With or without mirror