MYLB-0-400C PT100 Type 5mm x 50mm Temperature Controller Thermocouple Probe 2 Meters

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Product Name : Thermocouple Probe;Type : PT100 Type;Temperature Range : 0C-400C
Sensor Size : 5 x 50mm/ 0.2″ x 2″ (D*L);Fork Pin Size : 9 x 5mm/ 0.4″ x 0.2″(L*W)
Pin Spacing : 3mm/ 0.1″;External Shield Material : Metal
Total Length(Approx.) : 2M / 6.6 Ft;Color : Silver Tone
Weight : 46g;Package Content : 1 x Earth Thermocouple Probe Description:A thermocouple is a device consisting of two different conductors (usually metal alloys) that produce a voltage proportional to a temperature difference between either end of the pair of conductors.
Grounded type is more sensitive to temperature, can help to measure temperature fasterly.
5 x 50mm sensor PT100 type Thermocouple with flexible spring built in.
3 terminals for easy connection.
Temperature measurement range is from 0 celsius to 400 celsius degree.
Widely used for industrial or laboratory to test equipments temperature.