NICE FLO1, FLO2, FLO4 Garage Door Remote Control Replacement Duplicator


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NICE FLO1 (With dip switches inside) NICE FLO2 (With dip switches inside) NICE FLO4 (With dip switches inside) ( copy from your existing remote) Items you will get 1 x remote 1 x keychain battery included ​Programming Instructions

1st,Remove code

Press the LOCK(NO.A/NO.1) and UNLOCK(NO.B/NO.2) button at the same time ,and the LED indicator will flash 3 timesthen off. After this ,keep and hold theLOCK(NO.A or NO.1) and release the UNLOCK(NO.B or NO.2) button ,and press the UNLOCK(NO.B or NO.2) button 3 times ,the duplicator led indicator will flashquickly , that means it remove the exist code successful. Now youcan come to the next step to copy now.

2nd,copy original remote

Pls take theoriginal remote and duplicator as closeas possible. Then press one of button from original and one of them fromduplicator at the same time, you will see the led indicator fast flash ,that is to say you copy originalremote successful.

Important Note

The difference between Nice Flo & Nice Flor-s


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