Pilot pulsed solenoid valve smart flush valve pulse valve low power solenoid valve DC3.6V G1/2 Water purifier sensor faucet

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Type (channel position): Pilot

Connection: Thread DN: 15 (mm) Suitable medium: water, gas, etc. Flow direction: one-way Parts and accessories: Body Uses: water Form: cock style Environmental pressure :0.02-0 .9 MPa temperature :1-75C Standard: GB Bistable solenoid valve controlling water S201 series, this product is compact, beautiful appearance, stable performance, versatility and usage to meet the individual needs of different customers. Product-related parameters are as follows: Operating voltage: 3.6V-6.5V Work forms: positive pulse open valve, negative pulse off valve Resistance: 9 Pulse width: 30ms Operating Current: 500mA Working pressure :0.02-1 .0 Mpa