SD Camera Card Reader 2 in1 Android & Phone Connector Trail Hunter and Game Camera Viewer For iPhone 5/ 6 /7 Plus ipad & Android


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SD Card Camera Reader, 2 in1 Android and iPhone Connector SD Card Camera Reader

1.Release the space of your SD card and Backup your SD card and. Copy photos and videos from your SD card to your iPhone & iPad and Android Phone & Tablet for a safe backup.
2.Share your photos and videos of your camera on your social network freely.
3. For photographers, it is the best way to copy quality photos to camera in a short time. Save Time Much faster than using WiFi: Save money on the extra WiFi function for your camera.
4. Copy the movie from SD card to your iPhone & iPad and watch and edit them easily.
5. For Android Phone & Tablet, you can also import the photos and videos from your Dash cam (car black box), or home camera (with TF card), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (those with TF card to record the view).


Compatibility (SD card, iPhone & iPad, Android Phone & Tablet with OTG)
The SD card camera reader is compatible with Secure Digital (Standard SD and SDHC) memory cards.
Mini and Micro SD are supported when used with an adapter to fit the slot. Supporting SD card capacity less than 64GB including 64GB
iPhone and iPad (requires the latest IOS 8.2 or up)
Android Phone & Tablet with OTG (requires the android 4.2 or up)

1.Please be sure Your iphone is iOS 8.2 or android 4.2 above, Your iPad is iOS 8.0 or Above.
2.Please be sure you plug this cable in right side when you plug this cable into your android phone, or iPhone.( there is explicit directions on the cable notes. Please read the notes carefully)
3.When your iphone and ipad shows “This cable or accessories is not certified and may not work reliably with this iPad”, please ignore it and go on to use. It does not affect normal use. Android does not have this problem.